April 27, 2021

Video bingo in the Canary Islands Dragon Lamp Changes

The new way Zitro created video bingo in Spain, the Dragon Lamp, is creating a feeling in the Canary Islands. "Dragon Lamp's achievement lies in the fact that it includes a totally new means of winning progressives, and it's no longer important to label bingos in order to get the jackpot." casino online malaysia As Dragon Lap said at its introduction, it will forever change video bingo, Vicente Fernandez, its Commercial Director.

Canary players are happy with Dragon Lamp, which in its gaming halls radically changed the standard Video Bingo game and managed to spark the players' interest with this mode.  711kelab online casino "We still look at Zitro to find innovative ways to recruit and keep players, and the bright new structure contains a number of elements for this," says Pedro Freites, the business representative in the Canary Islands. There are many irresistible new features that Dragon Lamp introduces to the playgrounds and Canary consumers welcome it with great enthusiasm, from the way they raise the Jackpot, to the new features like "Wild Crush and the new games"

This fantastic new video bingo system is to be embraced soon by players from all over Spain. "We are working to add a dragon lamp to the other groups and build a new look because only Zitro knows how to do it.

Prominent partners 

Chips, Gambling, Casino, Win, Game, LuckThe deal gives PlayPearls special access to the German high-tech titles of the casino contents studio, including famous events such as Hot 777, Midnight Show and Ice Mania.

The contract will deliver to a platform provider's vast collaboration network a list of more than50 slot titles and 12 instant games drawn by the prized set. The German market launch is followed by a very good supplier phase, which continued with a variety of acclaimed additional elements to enhance its award-winning product portfolio and complete robust business agreements with a number of leading partners.

Note made 

The integration of award-winning titles is wonderful, and will certainly be successful with players on the German market. We can't wait to recruit new clients, and this robust deal is the secret to this effort, with a wide range of premium offers. She earned worldwide awards from iGaming for her distinctive approach to game creation and the portfolio of award-winning slots, table and instant games of next generation.

Poker, Online Poker, Casino, GamblingUnder the deal, 30 high-performance Evoplay Entertainment games will run in direct with the partners of EGT Digital in Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria, with more than 100 start-ups on various LatAm markets with the platform provider. In recent weeks, the developer has continued to grow stronger with instant classics such as Jolly Treasures and Book of Keno, already popular with a broad array of European players.

Evoplay Entertainment has concluded an innovative game production studio with the rapidly expanding EGT digital platform provider.

An exciting range of titles from the pioneering slot, table & instant games library of the provider will be added to the recently introduced business portal. It has been awarded a number of EGR and SBC awards.

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